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“Ajmal Chi” (meaning: The Most Beautiful Thing) is Carla’s debut album produced by ONE:SIXTEEN S.A.R.L.
Recorded by 4-time Grammy Award Winner music engineer Jan Holzner (latest being Adele 25), with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the participation of world renowned solo flautist Pedro Eustache. “Ajmal Chi” tenders seven original tracks of Modern Arabic genre with an orchestral twist sung by the astonishing voice of Carla Chamoun of Beirut, Lebanon.

The album was mixed in France at Studio La Fabrique by mixing engineer LE GUIL Hervé and mastered at Sonics Mastering by François Fanelli in Marseille certified mastering for iTunes.

Words by Carla’s Producer and ONE:SIXTEEN founder Lou Salloum.
Music and orchestration by the Czech-based Lebanese/Armenian composer Vartan Agopian.
In September 2017, Carla’s first album “Ajmal Chi” was born. This project was recorded in Prague with The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and mixed in France. The album contains 7 original tracks fully produced and written for Carla.
Dec of that same year, Carla performed another solo Christmas concert at the Sagesse University in Beirut.

In February 2018, Carla launched her Album “Ajmal Chi” in a grand concert at Casino Du Liban with a live orchestra. Upon which, Carla was offered a full media sponsorship by LBCI TV Station.
In September of the same year, she performed her second concert for the year at
The Palace – Aresco, Beirut. She was accompanied by the world-renowned artist Arthur Satyan.
In November, she performed another concert in Tripoli, and another Christmas concert in December.

In 2019, Carla released her single song “Waylon”, a poem by the great Gibran Kahlil, the song was recorded with an Orchestra in Prague with some international artist collaborating on the single as well. The song was featured on LBCI, followed by another single on International Woman’s Day “Ba3da el Yom” a song to empower woman.
In March, Carla performed a live Easter concert in Prague with a full orchestra that primed at LBCI on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
In September, the prestigious hall of The Damascus Opera House hosted Carla; with a full house sold-out in 24 hours. Under the baton of director Maestro Andre El Maalouli, Carla mesmerizes the audience performing a mixture of her original songs and famous covers. Carla and the 45 musicians on stage danced around genres, from classical Arabic to traditional. From English to French to Algerian. Together, they cast a spell on the audience of the opera house and brings it to life!